Futurmoda October 2019 exceeds all expectations.

Futurmoda, the lounge of footwear components, opened its doors at IFA with an eye to improve turnover. La feria mantiene high expectations teniendo en cuenta, they've pointed out since orgnization, «the level of exhibitors and the attractiveness of machinery, who augur a good contest».

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New promotional video Imerco Fashion Group

We are pleased to present our new promotional video for the START/WINTER season 2020-21. In this way, we want to show the strengths of our company.

Truths and lies about the leather

Around the leather industry are made plenty of assertions, en muchos casos no todas ciertas. Animals are bred for tanning their skins? The leather can be recycled? How clean is the tanning of skins? What is the carbon footprint of the production of leather? To respond to these and many other questions, Leather Naturally, initiative in defence of the leather, ha elaborado un documento that it reveals what's true and what's false about all what they say of the leather industry.

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