Tessitura Attilio Imperiali presenta la nueva colección Otoño-Invierno 2021/22.

Nuestro representado Tessitura Attilio Imperiali, acaba de anunciar la presentación oficial de la nueva temporada Otoño/Invierno, la cual pretende ser la más sostenible y respetuosa con el medio ambiente hasta la fecha.

Le recomendamos ver este vídeo promocional de la nueva campaña.

Unic gana la batalla contra el uso fraudulento de la palabra «leather».

In Italy, el Consejo de Ministros aprobó el Decreto Legislativo que contiene nuevas disposiciones sobre el uso de los términos» leather » y » piel «.

The new law will eventually replace the old law of 1966. In addition to a more correct definition of the terms leather and leather, in accordance with EU and technical legislation, the new law will sanction on the inappropriate use of skin terminology, la prohibición expresa del uso de las palabras «leather» y «piel», to identify materials not derived from animal debris, como ocurre hoy con los términos poco ortodoxos «cuero ecológico» , «cuero vegano» y similares utilizados para materiales sintéticos

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Real leather is real sustainability.

The basic message is simple and incisive: REAL LEATHER IS REAL SUSTAINABILITY. And it declines in a series of statements and visual effects that have a very specific purpose and that can no longer be repealed: communicate the many obvious and sustainable advantages of leather. But also, to deny the paradoxical accusations made by deceptive campaigns, based on erroneous assumptions and, Sometimes, objectively beyond the limit of the ridiculous.

The new UNIC campaign – CONCERIE ITALIANE was created in collaboration with spring Studios international agency.

It is mainly aimed at final consumers, because they understand the absolute value of a product of excellence, whose identity is based on undisputed characteristics of naturalness, durabilidad y creatividad.

To achieve this, the REAL LEATHER IS REAL SUSTAINABILITY campaign will spread to everyone on the web and social media, using traditional channels and through specific initiatives. With special attention to the places and times when media attention will allow to obtain a greater dissemination of its messages.

La nueva campaña de UNIC apunta a difundir y fortalecer el conocimiento y la conciencia de la «piel», especially among younger generations, communicating its identity as a historic and consolidated example of a circular economy. Leather, In fact, is a by-product of the food industry intended to be subject to disposal techniques that have a strong impact on the environment. The tanning industry, On the other hand, gets it back, ennobles it and transforms it into a material with extremely high added value and multiple uses: Fashion (leather goods, Shoes, Clothes), Automotive, furniture and design.


For all these reasons, the skin is not afraid of comparisons and rejects the critical perceptions that surround it, result of misinformation, hypocrisy and media manipulation. And they tend to minimize the concrete green approach, proactive and rational of an industrial sector that represents a real spearhead of footwear and leather goods manufacturing fabric.

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Dear Customers:

We would like to inform you of a new breakthrough in our represented TESSITURA ATTILIO IMPERIALI, Spa., commitment to the development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion industry.

As you will know, our representative signed in 2014 deTOX protocol, produced by Greenpeace and to which the main fashion firms are attached.

During these years a great personal and economic effort has been made, investing in research and involving raw material suppliers, to get a collection that combined the demand of our customers with the commitments of the aforementioned protocol.

So, starting this season, our two main articles, RASO IMPERIALI and TELA OLONA, will be produced more sustainably. Greener raw materials will be used for this purpose, like gotS organic silk, Ecovero viscose and recycled and organic cotton.

For more information you can contact us.

Best regards.


Solidarity of the sideboards to sew masks against coVID-19.

Elda and Petrer's sideboards, take advantage of their craft to make masks for the hospital of the region.

A nurse at a Petrer health center (Alicante) had the idea of taking advantage of the extensive experience of the sideboards, to make masks and help alleviate their worrying shortage. The Town Hall of the Alicante town facilitated the coordination task and numerous sideboards of both Petrer and neighboring Elda got to work and already carry more than 5.000 masks in a few days against coronavirus.

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Curtidos Remigio cumple 75 years ago !!

Nuestra empresa hermana tiene el orgullo de celebrar este año su 75 aniversario:

Estamos encantados de poder conmemorar tan extraordinario acontecimiento y de compartirlo con todos vosotros.

Sumamos tres generaciones dedicadas al servicio de la industria del calzado y la marroquinería. Nuestra oferta de artículos en piel curtida, tanto para forro como para corte, siempre ha buscado satisfacer las mayores exigencias. Somos una empresa familiar que ha evolucionado con el sector, primando la calidad de las materias y el trato personalizado al cliente.

Es un momento para la celebración, pero también para el agradecimiento. Agradecemos a todos los clientes por la confianza que nos han mostrado, motivando que mejoráramos día a día. We thank employees for their contribution during all this years to what our company is today. And we thank all institutions for the support and effort they put in to enlarge our industry.

Excellence is the engine that drives us to continue working for and for our industry.

Eternally grateful!


best driveway 2018: Ona Carbonell

La nadadora Ona Carbonell first stepped on a shoe factory, on the day she visited Elda to pick up el galardón que la acredita como Mejor Calzada 2018. An award that enshrines her as the ambassador of ladies' footwear whose production is mainly located in the city.

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Futurmoda October 2019 exceeds all expectations.

Futurmoda, the lounge of footwear components, opened its doors at IFA with an eye to improve turnover. La feria mantiene high expectations teniendo en cuenta, they've pointed out since orgnization, «the level of exhibitors and the attractiveness of machinery, who augur a good contest».

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New promotional video Imerco Fashion Group

We are pleased to present our new promotional video for the START/WINTER season 2020-21. In this way, we want to show the strengths of our company.

Truths and lies about the leather

Around the leather industry are made plenty of assertions, en muchos casos no todas ciertas. Animals are bred for tanning their skins? The leather can be recycled? How clean is the tanning of skins? What is the carbon footprint of the production of leather? To respond to these and many other questions, Leather Naturally, initiative in defence of the leather, ha elaborado un documento that it reveals what's true and what's false about all what they say of the leather industry.

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