Online shoe sales are still unstoppable in Spain

There are many media that are echoing the rapid growth of sales in our country.

New technologies are opening up new paths to one as traditional as the footwear sector. Sales accumulated outstanding data that are perfectly complemented by established routes.

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“Positive evaluation of the 41 Edition of Futurmoda”

Between the days 13 y 14 March Pavilion 2 de la Trade fair institution Alicantina estuvo en plena ebullición. The latest edition of Futurmoda brought finally the proposals of the 410 brands; a figure that the President of Futurmoda, Jose Antonio Ibarra, It has valued positively. "The concept of fair love, since they are open stands and all equal. That makes the competition very enjoyable visit", said Ibarra.

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The Museum of the Elda footwear complies 20 years ago.

They have been 20 años donde el Museo del Calzado ha formado parte de la Historia viva de la Industria del Calzado y de la Cultura, con iniciativas que han calado en el público y han engrandecido los fondos
exhibition, as they are: the magazine fit you, Better road contest, Premio periodístico “Luis García Berlanga”, Exposiciones tematizadas de fondos como “Snapping I tell you”, “Stamping”, collaboration- nes con Lápiz de Oro, with Minicuadros, Dia37, etc.

We hope to count with your presence on Monday 4 February, que se pueda unir a cualquiera de las tres representaciones de “Cenicielda” scheduled in the next few weekends of February, y
delight with our Lyric Recital, como broche final a los actos conmemorativos de 20 years of Museum.