Tanning Imerco at Lineapelle London

Dear Mr/SARS.:

It is a pleasure for us to invite you to visit the stand of Lineapelle London next 9 July.

We are happy to introduce innovations for next season:


We look forward to your visit in:



Booth N ° 30 – The Croc

Schedule of 10 a 17.30 hours.


With the growing concern of the fashion industry con respecto a la presencia de cromo (VI) articles of leather, the Confederation of national associations of tanners and dressers of the European Community (Cotance) He has released a circular to rebut the alarmist hoaxes about the use of the chromium salts for tanning skins. Bajo el título de Why not should we concern us by chrome?, Cotance text stresses that "between a» 85 and a 90 per cent of all furs in the world are tanned with chromium (III)», It is extremely versatile; used for all skin types; is easy to use, precise and safe, and it shortens both the time of the tanning process and the chemicals used in the.

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Online shoe sales are still unstoppable in Spain

There are many media that are echoing the rapid growth of sales in our country.

New technologies are opening up new paths to one as traditional as the footwear sector. Sales accumulated outstanding data that are perfectly complemented by established routes.

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“Positive evaluation of the 41 Edition of Futurmoda”

Between the days 13 y 14 March Pavilion 2 de la Trade fair institution Alicantina estuvo en plena ebullición. The latest edition of Futurmoda brought finally the proposals of the 410 brands; a figure that the President of Futurmoda, Jose Antonio Ibarra, It has valued positively. "The concept of fair love, since they are open stands and all equal. That makes the competition very enjoyable visit", said Ibarra.

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The Museum of the Elda footwear complies 20 years ago.

They have been 20 años donde el Museo del Calzado ha formado parte de la Historia viva de la Industria del Calzado y de la Cultura, con iniciativas que han calado en el público y han engrandecido los fondos
exhibition, as they are: the magazine fit you, Better road contest, Premio periodístico “Luis García Berlanga”, Exposiciones tematizadas de fondos como “Snapping I tell you”, “Stamping”, collaboration- nes con Lápiz de Oro, with Minicuadros, Dia37, etc.

We hope to count with your presence on Monday 4 February, que se pueda unir a cualquiera de las tres representaciones de “Cenicielda” scheduled in the next few weekends of February, y
delight with our Lyric Recital, como broche final a los actos conmemorativos de 20 years of Museum.

“Leather” just leather.

En la revista especializada en el mundo del calzado “Lederpiel”, We can find an interesting article dedicated to the correct denomination of the raw material by excellence in our industry.

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The woman for the autumn-winter shoe trends 2018-19

In this video from Villa´s Vogue, We can see the main trends in female footwear for the current autumn-winter season 2018-19.

Shoes!!. An exhibition of Luisa Vera

The Illustrator eldense Luisa Vera exposes its peculiar “shoe collection” at the Elda footwear Museum in a show called “Shoes”.

Born and educated in Elda and with a clear artistic vocation, He thought of young man to dedicate to the world of footwear.

The exhibition will be held from the day 30 November to the 15 of December.

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Futurmoda has established itself as the reference in the sector of components.

[Futurmoda closed its 40 Edition with more of 450 participating firms and a remarkable increase of international visitors.

The days 17 y 18 October, was held at IFA the 40 Edition of Futurmoda, the international fair of skin, components and machinery for footwear. The fair ended with enough optimism by the Organization, which indicate that the event «is gaining with the passage of the years».

In this edition, more than 450 firms submitted their proposals for the autumn-winter 2019-20. Thousands of new fabrics, soles, shoe lasts, high heels and ornaments with one presence more than outstanding of machinery seduced not only national visitors, but across Europe. «A visitor with buyer and highest quality profile.

In the proposals, were clear influences of new generations of consumers (Gen Z), the concern for the comfort and durability of the product and one growing trend towards environmental care. Footwear for next winter will be marked by boots and shoes as highest benchmarks, using organic textures, skins with effect shine and tissues innovative with all kinds of ornaments that we find from the more traditional such as hardware or buckles to those manufactured by 3D printers.

The color palette highlights the natural tones - Green, Earth, arena-, delicate fruity peach or tangerine and more extravagant dyes such as orange or cobalt blue.

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Businesses close the Milan trade fair with high expectations.

The 86 Italian trade fair MICAM and MIPEL, days held 16 a 19 September, It is the footwear exhibition of international reference for sectors, bags and accessories, y se cerró con buenas perspectivas de negocio para la mayoría de las 16 the Alto and Medio Vinalopó brands that have gone to Milan.

The Fair kicked off on Sunday with an important international influx, Since firms in Asia and America have become interested in the shoes and handbags of high quality which are manufactured in the region.

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